EN10210 S355J2H CHS
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EN 10210 S355J2H Hot Finished CHS

EN10210 S355J2H hot finished hollow section is the most reliable material for all critical structural applications for it can perform even in the most adverse conditions where the success of your project is a "MUST".

We are your project partner when come to high quality Hot Finished Hollow Sections of your procurement, our wide span of experience not only in supplying hot finished EN10210 square hollow, rectangular hollow and erectile dysfunction young circular hollow sections, but also special profile shapes, super huge size and even jumbo size hollow sections to many offshore, airport, MRT-mass rapid transit, MTR-mass transit railway, transmission tower, theme park and other iconic projects, safety and quality of products are always our motto to secure your reputation and most importantly the success of your projects.

EN10210 S355J2H Hot Finished CHS - Circular Hollow Section Key Features :

• Formed at normalizing temperature

• Suitable for low temperature applications (-20°C)

• High sectional properties

• Fine grain structure

• Uniform mechanical properties

• Weldable in corner regions

• Higher compression capacity

• Negligible residual stress

• Fire resistance capability

• Proven dynamic performance

• CPD with CE marking

• Suitable for galvanizing

• Certified as suitable for mechanical applications

Standard product features :

• All hot finished to EN10210:2006

• Any profile shape includes ovals, elliptical, half-elliptical, flat-oval, octagonal,

hexagonal, triangular, Super hugh and Jumbo size and etc....

• Min yield strength 355N/mm2

• Min average impact strength -20 ºC at 27Joules

Steel hollow sections are the most versatile and efficient form for construction and Treatment of heart failure in children mechanical applications. Many of the strongest and most impressive structures in the world today would not have been possible without hollow sections.

The tubular form is inherently strong and efficient. It gives buildings a better strength- to-weight ratio than those using comparable steel, concrete or timber products. In construction, this strength-to-weight ratio reduces material usage and allows for greater spans hence resulting lightweight, airy structures that are aesthetically pleasing within our communities and environments.

EN10210 is a hot finished structural hollow section that you can depend on even in the most arduous conditions. Hot finishing means that 355 Hollow Section is stress-relieved, has tighter corner radius and consistent dimensions. This gives you the peace of mind that 355 Hollow Section will perform where failure is simply not an option and where consistency is critical in addition to the assurance of batch-testing, full test certification and comprare cialis online italia traceability of the steel give you confidence that you are using a quality product.

The Ultimate Structural Hollow Section

Sustainability is not just about delivering environmental benefits; it is about reducing social and economic impacts too.

Our tubular steel sections are available in a wide range of circular, rectangular, square and elliptical forms. They give greater flexibility in use and higher strength-to-weight ratio than conventional sections. This enhances efficiency and reduces cost.

In construction, hollow sections create lightweight and visually attractive structures that benefit communities and environments. Steel buildings are inherently adaptable and can be easily extended. Steel is lighter in weight than other construction materials. This enables extensions to be built to existing buildings without overloading their foundations. Structures can be unbolted, reconnected, modified, repaired, reused and recycled.

Steel itself generates very little waste and, what there is, can be fully recycled. Steel construction is dry, dust-free, comparatively quiet and requires relatively small volumes of materials to be delivered to site. In turn, it reduces site construction times, minimizing the impact on surrounding communities.

Chemical Composition for Hot Finished Circular Hollow Section

Chemical composition – ladle analysis

Hot Finished Circular Hollow Section


EN10210 S355J2H Part 1: 2006

% max











Carbon equivalent (CEV) mat T≤16mm


Type of deoxidation

Fully killed steel

Mechanical Properties for Hot Finished Circular Hollow Section


EN10210 S355J2H Part 1: 2006

Tensile Strength Rm N/mm2: 3 ≤ T ≤ 100mm

470 – 630

Yield Strength ReH Min, N/mm2: T ≤ 16mm


Min Elongation % T ≤ 40mm on gauge length 5.65. √S0


Impact properties Minimum Ave energy (J) at -20°C


Dimensional tolerances EN10210: 2006 Part 2



Outside dimension (D B and H)

±1% with a min of ±0.5mm

Circular ±1% with a min of ±0.5mm and

maximum of ±10mm

Thickness (T)


Note. Positive deviation limited by mass tolerance


Note. Positive deviation limited by mass tolerance

Squareness of side

90 degrees ±1 degree


External corner profile

2T max at each corner*

(EN10210 has 3T max).


Concavity/convexity (x)

±1% of the side, measured independently of

the tolerance on the outside dimension


Twist (V)

2mm plus 0.5mm/m max.

Section is placed on a flat surface with one end held flat. At the other end the height difference of the two lower corners is taken.

Mass (M)

±6% on individual lengths

±6% on individual lengths


Max 0.2% of total length & 3mm over every 1m length

Maximum 0.2% of the total length & 3mm over every 1m length. (The permitted tolerance is twice the value

for H<250)




* Excludes RHS 250 x 200, which is 3T max at each corner in line with EN10210

EN10210 CHS-Circular hollow sections – length and tolerances

Outside Diameter





Standard mill

lengths m

Special mill

lengths m*



21.3 – 42.4


6.0, 6.4, 7.5

5.4 – 7.5




6.0, 6.4, 7.5 & 10.0

5.4 – 14.6


60.3 – 114.3


6.0, 6.4, 7.5 & 10.0

5.0 – 14.6




7.5 & 10.0

6.0 – 14.5


168.3 – 193.7


7.5, 10.0 & 12.0

6.0 – 14.6


219.1 – 508.0


10.0 & 12.0

6.0 – 14.6


* Also available in 100mm increments

Circular Hollow Sections (CHS)

From 21.3 to 508 mm outside diameter: Wall thickness from 2.5 to 16 mm.

From 457 to 2134 mm outside diameter: Wall thickness from 6.4 to 49 mm.

EN10210 and EN10219 S355J2H CHS, RHS and CHS in European, Japan, Malaysia and China Origin are available in ex-stock, please send your valued inquiry to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.