EN10210 S355J2H RHS Rectangular Hollow Sections

EN10210 S355J2H RHS Rectangular Hollow Sections

EN10210 S355J2H RHS-Rectangular Hollow Sections

Beverly Steel is one of the major suppliers of high quality Hot Finished Hollow Sections in South East Asia Region. Our great breadth of experience is not only in supplying EN10210 SHS; RHS; CHS Hollow Sections, but also special profile shapes, super huge size and medical and health services manager even jumbo size hollow sections to many segments of industry. We only supply from world class steel mills in order to ensure the safety, quality, your reputation and eventually making your project impressively iconic and phenomenon.

S355J2H structural hollow sections can perform even in the most arduous conditions. EN10210 S355J2H hot finished hollow section is your ideal material for all critical structural applications where the only option is success.

EN10210 S355J2H key features:

• Hot finished, free from internal stresses and with a minimum strength of 355 MPa – allowing the highest fabrication factors and enabling material cost savings and lighter structures

• Available in a wide range of shapes such as circular (CHS), square (SHS), rectangular (RHS), elliptical, half-elliptical, flat-oval, octagonal, hexagonal, triangular and other profile hollow sections

• Tight corner radius, exceeding the standard - enhancing the product’s aesthetic appeal whilst avoiding the risk of brittle fracture which occurs in some cold formed products

• Dimensional consistency, high levels of formability because the steel is fully-killed with excellent weldability

• Certified as suitable for all structural applications, fully compliant with design codes and impotence cialis overcomes design risks associated with cold formed products

• Certified as suitable for mechanical applications, especially those involving cyclical loading

• Suitable for low temperature applications (-20°C)

• Batch-tested to prove the properties of the specific delivered material; full test certification supplied

• Clearly marked as S355J2H with the reassurance of batch traceability

• Full technical support available

• Also available to be certified as normalized fine grain S355 NH condition

• S355J2H RHS, SHS, CHS, Elliptical, Half-Elliptical, Flat-Oval, Octagonal, Hexagonal, Triangular and other profile Hollow Sections are CE marked and fully compliant to the Construction Products Directive

• Suitable for galvanizing



– the next figure means the minim. yield value required for wall thickness ≤ 16 mm

– "J2" means impact test value -20° C min. 27 joules

– block letter "H" means "HOLLOW SECTION"

Hot Finished RHS - Rectangular hollow sections – length and tolerances






Standard mill

lengths m

Special mill

lengths m*



40 x 40 uti

100 x 100

50 x 30 uti

120 x 80

6.0, 6.4, 7.5,

10.0 & 12.0

5.4 – 14.60


120 x 120 uti

150 x 150 x 12.5

150 x 100 uti

200 x100x12.5

6.0, 6.4, 7.5,

10.0 & 12.0

6.0 – 14.50


150 x 150 x 16.0

200 x 100 x 16.0

Check Availability

6.0 – 13.50

160 x 160 to

400 x 400 x 16.0

160 x 160 to

400 x 400 x 16.0

10.0 & 12.0

6.0 – 15.30


400 x 400 x 20.0

500 x 300 x 20.0

12.0 – 12.7 subject to availability



* Also available in 100mm increments (uti - up to and including)

Chemical composition and mechanical properties for EN10210 S355J2H - RHS

Yield strength

ReH min N/mm²

Tensile strength



% min

L0 = 5,65 √S0


Impact strength

10mm x 10mm

Chemical composition % max

Carbon equivalent

(CEV) max
























Technical Data

High strength hot finished hollow sections : suitable for all construction and mechanical applications. S355J2H is suitable for all internal and msn health and fitness external applications to BS5950-1:2000, EN1993 and BS5400.

S355 hollow sections are supplied with a minimum yield strength of 355 N mm² and comply fully with the European Standard for hot finished structural hollow sections, EN10210: S355J2H.

Rectangular Hollow Sections (RHS)

From 40x40 mm to 400x400 mm square.

From 50x30 mm to 500x300 mm rectangle.

Wall thickness from 2.5 to 20 mm.

Jumbo RHS

An extended size range of Jumbo Circular, Square and Rectangular Hollow Sections (Nakajima Super Hot Columns) are produced in grade SN490 B in accordance with JIS G 3136. The nearest equivalent grade to SN490 B (for T<=40mm, min. yield 325N/mm2, for T>40mm, min. yield 295N/mm2) is EN 10210 S355JOH. The sections have a charpy impact minimum value of 27J at 0°C and are supplied with an inspection certificate in accordance with JIS G 0303 and JIS G 3136 in English.

Jumbo hollow sections (Nakajima Super Hot Columns) are produced in two grades SN400 B and SN490 B to JIS G 3136. The nearest equivalent grade to SN400 B (for T = 40 mm min. yield 235 N/mm2, for T > 40 mm min. yield 215 N/mm2) is EN 10210 S235J0H. The nearest equivalent grade to SN490 B (for T = 40 mm min. yield 325 N/mm2, for T > 40 mm min. yield 295 N/mm2) is EN 10210 S355J0H. Both have a Charpy impact minimum value of 27 J at 0°C. All our sections are supplied with a specific inspection certificate in accordance with JIS G 0303 and JIS G 3136 in English.

Rectangular Hollow Sections (RHS)

From 500 x 300 to 750 x 500mm.

Wall thickness from 16 to 60mm.

S355J2H RHS, SHS and CHS in European, Japan, Malaysia and China Origin are available in ex-stock, please send your valued inquiry to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.